Books to buy

There are a few books you’ll need for this module – we’ll be looking at selected chapters in each, but depending on where your interests take you you’ll be delving further in to one or two of them, and will probably want to finish them all at some point during or after the module.

If you want to make a head start over Christmas then read chapters 1-3 of City of Heavenly Tranquility (as that’s what we’ll be starting with) and then pick one of the books to read over the next couple of weeks. They’re all highly readable – I’d recommend Factory Girls but they’re all good. If you’re a product designer you might find Poorly Made in China an intriguing book. And if you want a general background on Chinese life, then Getting Rich First is a good one to start. Alternatively, if you want some historical background to China then finish City of Heavenly Tranquility – it will give you some insight to topics such as the Cultural Revolution and the destruction of old Beijing in the last few decades.

All the books, along with Amazon links, are listed on this page.

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