Nostalgia for old-style Chinese stores

The BBC reports on a resurgence in nostalgia for Communist-era goods and shops in China:

In the Village, an up-market shopping complex in Beijing, China’s newly rich shoppers jostle to buy expensive foreign brands.

With its steel and glass buildings, the centre has become a monument to China’s vision of a materialistic future.

But shoppers have not always had such a wide choice of products.

Just a few decades ago most non-food items had to be bought in traditional department stores, selling cheap Chinese-made goods.

Many people have now deserted them for a more glitzy shopping experience.

But some stores remain and have even seen an increase in interest over recent years from people looking to buy a little bit of the past.

As China changes rapidly, there is nostalgia for a bygone communist era that is quickly being swept away.

Continue reading at BBC News – Nostalgia for old-style Chinese stores.

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