‘Geilivable’ brands: engaging Chinese audiences online

Social Media agency Fresh Networks has some advice for anyone wanting to engage audiences in China using online tools (Facebook and Twitter aren’t freely available over there, and the equivalent of eBay is very different).

Social media competition in China is beginning to heat up. Facebook and Groupon are looking at engaging the Chinese market as soon as possible and it looks like 2011 will be the pivotal year for Chinese social media.

As Chinese networks emerge and develop, it’s crucial to protect your brand and develop your presence among Chinese ‘netizens’

Their advice boils down to six points:

  1. Develop your brand strategy
  2. Start monitoring Chinese internet trends (that means getting to grips with Chinese search engines and social networking tools)
  3. Protect your brand’s trademarks
  4. Create a brand persona to engage on Chinese forums and blogs
  5. Assess the content you use to engage
  6. Use the offline world to help engage online

Visit the Fresh Networks page for the detail behind each of these steps – the advice applies anywhere in the world, of course, but never assume that what works in the west will translate to China without some localisation…

(My poor Chinese translates the image above literally as “not give strength” (bu gei li) becoming “give strength”)


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