My name in Chinese

Gavin is a Welsh name meaning White Hawk

Birmingham is a awful surname and the 2nd biggest city in the UK.

So my Chinese name is

Which translates as Beijing White Eagle


2 thoughts on “My name in Chinese

  1. They might find it odd that your surname is Beijing, but “Jing” is a common one, so I’d just use that.
    Or… “Birmingham” is also known as “Brum”, and cars go brum, so you could use 车 (chē, car) instead…

  2. Do you not think that it is odd that my name is Birmingham? I think that the Chinese would find Beijing just strange as anyone I have ever met here finds Birmingham. Anyway I thought it would be a slightly more playful way of doing it. I like it as it is…..

    …….but your input is appreciated.

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