The Economist Launches a New China Section

What with all the TV programmes last week about China and the sudden rush of articles in the papers about the place, I’ve been thinking someone somewhere knew this module was just starting.

Last week I noticed The Economist has just launched a new weekly section on China. As Roy Greenslade in The Guardian reports:

The Economist has introduced a weekly section devoted to the coverage of China.

In a leader announcing the move, the magazine said it is the first time since 1942 – when the US section was introduced – that it is dedicating an entire section to a single country. It continued:

“The principal reason is that China is now an economic superpower and is fast becoming a military force capable of unsettling America.

But our interest in China lies also in its politics: it is governed by a system that is out of step with global norms.

In ways that were never true of post-war Japan and may never be true of India, China will both fascinate and agitate the rest of the world for a long time to come.”

The magazine’s Asian blog, Banyan, announced a competition to provide a name for its new blog on China.

The library gets The Economist every week and the web site is in the blog links on the left. Well worth a browse every now and then. And why not enter the competition to name the new blog?


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