China’s Peaceful Rise

America has only been known as a ‘Super Power’ for 67 years, since the end of World War II, along with Russia and the British Empire. However after the ‘Cold War’, America continued to grow in power and reputation than the other nations. And that is the way it stayed… until now.

 China has been making massive trade and investment deals with Latin America and Africa, allowing them to make their stand as one of the players for being the new superpower. The media have been saying that the 21st century is China’s century. Very much like the 20th belonged to the Americans and the 19th to the British.

Barry Buzan is Montague Burton Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics. He has been following China’s Economical growth and asserts that,

“China certainly presents the most promising all-round profile”. Of a potential superpower. Buzan claims that,

“China is currently the most fashionable potential superpower and the one whose degree of alienation from the dominant international society makes it the most obvious political challenger.” China has entered its new ‘Golden Age’ of prosperity. Since the loosening of the chains of Communism, China has grown considerable wealthy. Although the wealth is confined to the major cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Chongqing. The wealth gap doesn’t seem to deter the Chinese from going to strength to strength in the world rankings. This growth in the economy hasn’t gone unnoticed by the rest of the world.

Many critics cite this as China’s down fall. History tells us that the Chinese people only allow a governing body to rule when there is prosperity in the land, this may be true for some but the vast majority of people living in China are living a poor life. In June 2011, there were riots in the Guangdong province of China, the manufacturing heartland. The riots were over unpaid wages and the heavy-handed response to the workers upset. This shows the social unrest of China’s poor majority, migrant workers from the countryside, the mainstay of China’s Economy. Working away from home, for little wages and long hours

‘Unrest is thought to have become increasingly frequent, although data is hard to come by. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has estimated that there were more than 90,000 mass incidents in 2006, with further increases in the following two years. ‘ 

Tania Branigan, the Guardian Newspaper.

However China fails to recognise this at the moment and ploughs on developing its cities and businesses. They have even published a White Paper called, ‘China’s Peaceful Development’, the name was changed from ‘China’s Peaceful Rise’ as it may have been misconstrued as threating.

Five Chapters of ‘China’s Peaceful Development’

The report’s main aim is to assure America and the rest of Asia that China’s ‘Military and Economical prominence will not pose a threat to peace and stability, and that other nations will benefit from PRC’s rising power and influence.’ 

Over all China has accomplished so much progression in the past decades and deserve to be an accredited country, however there is still serious issue within China and they will not progress more unless they realise their own problems, instead of what the world thinks of China, especially the USA.

Potential Superpower: China

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