Made In China: China in the Digital Media

China’s portrayal to the western world is seen mainly through the news, film and documentaries. These are all digital and accessible from around the world and are a perfect place to understand a western viewpoint about China and how it is portrayed.

Over the recent years the main discussion involving China focus’s on the growth of the country that is soon to be the next super power in the world. American news has mixed opinions on China being bought into the new world, mainly the questions; is China a threat? Or is China’s growth something to be welcomed?
Here China is being seen as a worry to a current super power even though it has been stated that China wants to have a peaceful rise into power. This kind of fear mongering by the news gives the general public of America a negative feeling about China.
Anoither main story that has always piqued interest in the news about China involves the censorship that is imposed on the internet usage, this is also known as ‘The great firewall of China’. Blocking information that the Chinese government does not want their citizens to be exposed to. Censorship like this could be seen as oppressing human rights, this coupled with the 1 child rule imposed on the country puts China in a bad light to the western world.
This portrayal of China shows oppressed people, having rights taken away. The one child rule also shows signs of the removal of human rights, even though rights get taken away the Chinese population still hold their country highly and go by the rules. Enforcements like this haven’t been seen in the west until recently with proposed bills that threaten to follow in China’s footsteps (Bills such as SOPA/PIPA & ACTA).

Documentaries mainly portray China’s history and China as a whole. The history of china reflects where the country has come from and focuses on the great achievements the Chinese people have accomplished.
When portraying China the documentaries tend to show the honour the Chinese have for their country and the vast expansion that is happening along with the modern take over of traditional values and ways of life.
Modernism versus tradition is a reoccurring dilemma when China is portrayed, becoming modern a lot of traditions must be lost, for example ancient crafting techniques are slowly dwindling along with martial arts as students of the crafts want to join the modern world and not live in the past of China. Traditional Chinese people fear for their way of life, hoping their family traditions do not die out.

The majority of films either released from China or created and based in China by the western world focus towards the rich history of china with a lot of fantasy swordplay and martial arts involved, the films set in the past are generally around the time that china was unified, either just before or just after.
The films also tap into fantasy and the legends of china, some famous examples would be crouching tiger hidden dragon, also forbidden kingdom which hints on the tales of monkey.
Kung fu is a reoccurring concept in film about China, since Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and other great martial artists have been involved in the film industry it even started a trend where actors had to know what they were doing rather than bringing in someone who can do it for them. Another trend this bought in was the learning of martial arts by the general public.
In cinema china can be seen as the front of human progression, throughout history china has been at the forefront of technology and a hub of intelligence that the rest of the world followed behind.

Working to achieve a common goal is a known aspect of the Chinese, and the honour to serve their country that is rarely seen else where in the world where people have become used to easy living.
Known as honourable people, the Chinese are working as one towards a better China. The drive that built the great wall can still be seen among the inhabitants today with their drive towards becoming the next super power and breaking into a new world.

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