Sex in Ningbo

Sex Doll Hand

At the risk of – well, so many things – I thought I’d link to this article about a side of Chinese manufacturing we don’t get to hear much about, what with all the talk of iPhones and Xboxes and what not.

I chose the safest image to show for this blog but I don’t think there’s anything shocking there for anyone who’s done a bit of life drawing…

February 13th, this reporter visited an inflatable sex doll factory in Ningbo. This factory began producing plastic blow up dolls 3 years ago. Today, it has 13 varieties/models, with an average selling price of 100 yuan RMB. Last year, this factory sold a total of over 50,000 inflatable dolls, with 15% of them being exported to Japan, Korea, and Turkey.

There’s an interesting observation in the comments about Ningbo:

Ningbo is a place where the production of adult sex products is relatively concentrated, with 30-some large and small manufacturers. I myself work in this industry. This price is the market price, and the actual wholesale price is far lower than this, and based on what I know, this factory can only be considered small. Only producing 50,000 per year, larger manufacturers can produce this number in a month at their peak.

This is quite interesting when you consider the Chinese government’s hard-line official attitude to things like porn and the sex industry. Sometimes commerce triumphs over all…

(Read the full story at Inflatable Sex Doll & Adult Toy Manufacturing in Ningbo – chinaSMACK.)


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