Pritzker Prize for Wang Shu

For the first time the Pritzker Prize has been awarded to a Chinese Archeitect, 48 year old Wang Shu, for his New Academy of Art in Hangzhou. The Pritzker Prize is the most prestigious award in the field of architeture. The selection of Mr. Wang, is an acknowledgment of “the role that China will play in the development of architectural ideals,” said Thomas J. Pritzker, chairman of the Hyatt Foundation, which sponsors the prize and announced the winner on Monday.

In designing the Xingshan Campus of the China Academy of Art in his native Hangzhou, Wang Shu used recycled materials, covering the campus buildings with more than two million tiles from demolished traditional houses.

“Everywhere you can see, they don’t care about the materials,” Mr. Wang said in an interview. “They just want new buildings, they just want new things. I think the material is not just about materials. Inside it has the people’s experience, memory — many things inside. So I think it’s for an architect to do something about it.”

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