Made In China

Made in China is a ‘brand’ that has grown dramatically in the past 20 years. When we think of this ‘brand’, we instantly come to the idea that everything has China printed on it. This may sometimes be the case, however in nearly all cases of products being made in China, they are labeled ‘Made in Taiwan’ or ‘Made in Taiwan R.O.C’, R.O.C being the Republic of China. Taiwan is one of the capitals for production in China and perhaps the world.

An interesting quote from the movie Armageddon sums this point up very nicely.

“American Components, Russian Components, all the same, all made in Taiwan!”

The working conditions in China have remained the same. The factories are dark and dingy, workers having to do very long hours with very little pay, that barely covers their living costs in the real world. The reason behind this is that large international companies, Apple and Nike being two of the worst, pay next to no money for the products to be manufactured by these factories, then these companies sell the products for a ridiculous amount of product.

Cheap work is often associated with a very low quality outcome across a large range of products. However, this is no longer the case with products in China. China has quickly become the ‘in’ manufacturing country. Many of the factories have increased the quality of the products, that they are contracted to make, thus making their clients happy. Also they are making a lot more business for themselves, as they are getting a lot of good press about their high quality and low prices, but also distinguishing themselves from other producers, not only in China but also in the likes of global competitors, with countries such as India. Another good aspect to these manufacturers is there is not a lot they will not make. From everything from cars to mobile phones and even to clothing and textiles, these factories appear to have it covered.


However, this all being said, a lot of western countries and the consumers that live there prefer to buy products that are manufactured in that country. The usual argument is that they are trying to support local economy and boost the homegrown companies. But many of the people that hold these opinions do not realize that they are helping destroy the economy in China. In China, there is not as much disposable income as there is in America. With this in mind, many Chinese people cannot afford a lot of these company’s products. Without a steady income of national spend, these companies have to branch out and gain income from an international market. And if no one internationally buys these products and opts for the exact same or very similar products from their own country, this can only lead to the death of some of these companies. This is slowly becoming the case in China.

Now we cannot force to buy people the products and until there country is put into the position that countries such as China are in, in a economical sense, they will not be able to experience what it is like for a countries manufacturers to struggle. But is this what it should take for these western countries to sympathize with countries like China and purchase the products they produce?


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