The first book The Good Women of China by Xinran is a book I read a couple of years ago and I have reread it to remind myself why I thought it was such a great book. This is a true account of a woman who ran a radio programme in China after the Cultural Revolution, the show focused on women and she encouraged them to call in and share their all too tragic stories of how the Cultural Revolution impacted on their everyday lives.

The second book I picked up in a charity shop for £2 . Despite my initial humming and hawing over whether I should bother getting it it has proved a good investment of a meagre sum. Will Hutton is a writer for the Observer, a former editor of the Observer and  former economics correspondent for the Gaurdian . In this book he explains why China must embrace the mechanisms that make business government accountable to the people if it is to throw off the burden of a weak enterprise system, corruption, social protest, and enviromental degredation. I highly recommend this book as it has given me a deeper understanding of the bigger picture and the challenges that face China and the rest of the world as China grows in stature on the world stage.



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