Ceramics Workshop

Posted on March 22, 2012


 On Friday I took part in a ceramics workshop which I must say was very enjoyable indeed. We used porcelain and moulds . The workshop is part of our Made In China module and we have looked briefly at Chinese ceramics. This is my version!

First of all we cut a piece of porcelain clay and worked it , a bit like kneading bread dough . Then we rolled it out quite thinly and placed it on a mould , shaped it with a damp sponge into the countours of the mould, cut off the surplus clay carefully with a wooden knife and then I added ball feet. Later in the afternoon I painted it with cobalt which is a blackish colour when applied but which turns blue once it is fired.
This is my “Chinese “ceramic
Bowls we painted
Dipping bowls into the glaze practise session.
The dishes above had already been made for us so that we could practise painting with the cobalt and Chinese brushes. Later that day we glazed them and they were taken away to await their turn in the kiln. So it might be a week or two before I see the results. Thanks to Sean for the workshop it was great fun.

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