Made in China is a module from the University of Dundee delivered in Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD).

English: University of Dundee Library

University of Dundee library

The module aims to develop students’ awareness of China’s culture, looking firstly at historical aspects but then focussing on modern China and its changing role on the global stage.

We examine the concept of China as the “factory of the world” but also acknowledge that the country is a huge consumer as well as producer, and that there is far more to it than the stereotypical images seen in the media. China offers potential as a business partner, a base for design and creativity, and a market – but it also has much to teach us.

The module has a second, optional, part in which students undertake a personal research project examining an aspect of their choice: an investigation in to traditional textile production methods, for example, or exploring potential business opportunities.

Although the module is aimed initially at students in art and design disciplines, it has been designed to be of broad interest and will hopefully be offered in future via distance learning to those in industry who want to update their knowledge of this important country and its people.

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