Assignment 1: China’s Image Abroad




How is china “sold” to potential tourists? What images, stereotypes and places are featured? How does this match up to the country’s desire to make China a modern country?

In your group, research aspects of this topic using a variety of appropriate methods, and produce a series of short articles or video/audio posts on the subject.


This is a group project for the research component, but individuals should post their own articles. The group should coordinate about who writes what – in other words you need an “editor” or some form of planning.

At the surface level, this appears to be a brief where you look at brochures and web sites to gain your information, but you should also think about interviewing people who have visited China, people from China, and people who have never been (or may be considering it).
Don’t just look at materials aimed solely at tourists – think about other ways in which we hear about, or see, China. Films, TV, books, the news etc.

As there are five people in your group one of you might want to look at how China is represented in the news (different sections) – for example do we depict the Chinese as happy, crazy, poor, rich, sinister? Are stories about China positive or negative?
Another might look at what travel brochures and sites say. Someone else might ask people if they’ve been to China and what they think it’s like. And the fifth person might look at China in popular culture – movies, TVs, novels, comics etc.
These are just suggestions. Look at the topics together, then delegate individuals to write up your findings on each theme.


These articles are public so take care over them. Proof them, check the spelling and grammar. Make sure images are properly referenced. Can you back up what you’re saying?

Any posts that are poorly written or spelt badly may be converted to draft status and a rewrite requested. Remember – the whole team is responsible for checking what goes out in its name!

Note that posts are automatically tagged with the author’s name so make sure YOU post your own work using your account! Mistakes can be corrected but it’s best to avoid them…


Use appropriate and well-chosen images to illustrate your posts. Give credit for anything you use.

You may use video or audio (make sure you have permission from anyone you record)

You are encouraged to use your own illustrations or photos


Around 700 words is a good length. 1000 is pushing it. Below 450 seems a bit limited. Conciseness is key, but you should also be compelling. This is per person.


31 January 10pm

Categories and Tags

Post the articles in the categories:

  • Assignment 1 2012
  • Team 1 or Team 2 etc

Use the tags:

  • assignments
  • China
  • representation
  • Team x (where x is your team number)

and any others you feel appropriate to each post, e.g.

  • movies
  • tourism
  • media


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