Set Texts

The books listed here are required for the module. Most (if not all) are available for Kindle and some are available as audio books as well.

City of Heavenly Tranquility


Becker, Jasper (2008). City of Heavenly Tranquility: Beijing in the History of China. London: Penguin.
Amazon Link

Factory Girls


Chang, Leslie (2010) Factory Girls: Voices from the Heart of Modern China. London: Picador
Amazon Link

Poorly Made in China


Midler, Paul (2009) Poorly Made in China: An Insider’s Account of the Tactics Behind China’s Production Game. London: John Wiley & Sons
Amazon Link

Getting Rich First


Hewitt, Duncan (2007) Getting Rich First: Life in a Changing China London: Vintage.
Amazon Link

As China Goes, So Goes The World


Gerth, Karl (2011). As China Goes, So Goes the World: How Chinese Consumers are Transforming Everything. New York: Hill and Wang
Amazon Link

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