Turning off folder syncing


If you are short of disk space on your computer you have two options: either uninstall Dropbox altogether or turn off syncing for just the Made in China folder.
Personally, I’d do the latter (so you can still use DB’s other file sharing facilities more easily). So here’s how to turn off just the Made in China folder. This is based on Macs – the Windows approach is similar in principle.

Open your Dropbox preferences


In your menu bar you should have a dropbox menu. Click on that and select “Preferences”

Go to “advanced” settings


Click the advanced button

Click “Selective sync”


This allows you to fine tune what gets synced to your computer and what stays “in the cloud”

Deselect “China Shared Files”


Turn off the check box next to “China Shared Files” then click the “Update” Button

Accessing files from the cloud


Even though you’re not syncing Dropbox to your computer you can still access them.
Simply visit Dropbox.com and log in (remember to log out if you’re on a shared computer!)
Click on the folder name.


You’ll then open the folder on your browser and be able to see all the files I’ve shared with you.

Click the arrow next to the file you want


If you click ON a file name the file will open in the browser – i.e. an MP3 file or .MOV file will stream over the internet, and a PDF will open from online.
If you want to DOWNLOAD a file, hover over the row and click the small triangle that appears. You can then download that file to your disk to read, listen to or play.
When you’ve finished with it, you can delete it from your disk. DON’T click “Delete” on the Dropbox site!


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