Navigating the web site



Here’s a quick tour around the web site interface.

  1. Main menu Use this to access the different sections of the site including a break down of each week and your assignments
  2. A countdown to the next deadline – scary
  3. Use this link to subscribe to the blog using an RSS reader like Google Reader, NetnewsWire or Reeder (well worth investigating these tools if you don’t use them already)
  4. Links from around the web. Make a habit of visiting these regularly. They’re broken down in to categories such as design, news and resources.
  5. Authors: each student has their own avatar here (make sure yours is not the generic WordPress avatar). Clicking on an author’s picture will take you to every post that person has written. The address for each author’s page is “” (e.g. so you can use that as a shortcut to give to people or for yourself if you want.
  6. Categories and Tags (not shown) These are ways of organising content. Whenever you create a blog post you should assign it to a category – either one of the existing ones or, if necessary, create a new one, but keep the number down). Tags are more generic and should relate to the general content of the post. Imagine that Categories are like departments in a book shop, and categories are general descriptions.