Change of schedule for this week

This week sees a slight swapping round of the schedule.

Wednesday 29 February

10.00am: Calligraphy workshop for groups 6-8 (Hub 1)

Friday 2 March

10.00am: Calligraphy Workshop for groups 3-5 (Textiles Room)

2.00pm: Lecture in Dalhousie 2F11

We then revert to the usual schedule of Wednesday lectures!

Friday 9 March

10.00am: Calligraphy workshop for groups 1-2 (in Hub 1).

2.00pm: “Open” calligraphy workshop – please let Danielle know if you want to attend this so she can prepare. This is for those who want to get some more practice or try something experimental.

NB: The cancelled ceramics workshop is on 16 March from 9.30am in Hub 1.


Update – 2 March workshop is now in the Textiles Room

File sharing and blog editing


As I’ll explain in the first lecture, I’ve set up a Dropbox folder to share important files with students on the module. In order to get access you’ll need to provide me with a bit of information using this form. (If you’re not a student on the module, ignore this post!)

If you already have a Dropbox account, you’ll get instant access. If not, wait until you receive an invitation and you’ll be taken through the process. It’s free, and very useful!

You’ll also be invited to be a contributor to this blog (again, more info in the lecture). On the form I ask you if you already have a WordPress account. If you don’t you’ll need to set one up which you can either do now, or wait until you receive the invitation and do it then.

Fill in the form by the end of week one. In fact, why not do it now?!