CBeebies teaches toddlers Mandarin

Lingo Show

From The Guardian:

The Lingo Show is another flagship moment for CBeebies(…): in its opening episode, Chop Chop, the aim was to teach children Mandarin (future episodes will tackle Urdu, Punjabi, Somali and Polish). “It’s not going to work on that one,” said my mother, pointing at my two-year-old. “She barely speaks English.” “Yes she does,” I said, outraged. “No way!” said the infant. I don’t know whose side she was on. Hopefully mine.

“Nee hao,” said an animated bug. “Say nee hao.” It means hello. “Miaow,” said the child. “This is going to take a really, really long time,” said my mother.”


Newsnight to feature series on China this week


Heads up: Jeremy Paxman has been to China to film a series of reports on the country. These are scheduled to air in the week commencing 23 January. Newsnight is on BBC2 on weekday nights from 10.30pm.

I’m not sure if they’ll be shown in Scotland, what with our own version of the programme crashing in halfway through, but if you miss them you’ll be able to catch up on iPlayer for a few days afterwards.