CBeebies teaches toddlers Mandarin

Lingo Show

From The Guardian:

The Lingo Show is another flagship moment for CBeebies(…): in its opening episode, Chop Chop, the aim was to teach children Mandarin (future episodes will tackle Urdu, Punjabi, Somali and Polish). “It’s not going to work on that one,” said my mother, pointing at my two-year-old. “She barely speaks English.” “Yes she does,” I said, outraged. “No way!” said the infant. I don’t know whose side she was on. Hopefully mine.

“Nee hao,” said an animated bug. “Say nee hao.” It means hello. “Miaow,” said the child. “This is going to take a really, really long time,” said my mother.”


Learn Chinese: Toy Story 3 – Disney Language Learning for iPad


Toy Story

Spotted on the iTunes store:

Learn Chinese: Toy Story 3 – Disney Language Learning for iPad

• Start Learning Chinese with this Engaging, Story-driven App!

• Disney’s Proven Language Program, now on the iPad!

• Interactive features, Endless Replay and Classic Toy Story 3 Characters!

Well I’m sold!

Is English or Mandarin the language of the future?


There’s an interesting article over at the BBC today: Is English or Mandarin the language of the future?

English has been the dominant global language for a century, but is it the language of the future? If Mandarin Chinese is to challenge English globally, then it first has to conquer its own backyard, South East Asia.

Worth reading in full

Challenge 4: Create a Shuang Xi

IMG 0648

Create a Shuang Xi (double happiness) using your discipline-specific talents, or developing new skills.

Be creative or experimental, but convey the meaning or spirit of the symbol.

You might want to weave one, or create a cushion. You might want to do a lino cut or screen print. You may want to produce an animation or pendant.

It can be simple or complex – it is up to you.

Take your time over this if you wish, and collaborate if you want to (in teams or in disciplines).

Document your process (photos, video) and post your finished shuang xi to the blog.