Paper Making in China Today

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Paper making in China today

If the video above does not play, click the link to watch a 12 minute documentary about paper making in China today using the thousands years old technique. It’s in Chinese, but you should be able to follow it from the visuals alone.

82 years old Ma Jiucheng demonstrates how paper was made from scratch.

The tree barks which are only available in certain season have to be soaked in water, washed, cooked, hammered, grained, squeezed and cut into small pieces by a huge knife in order to make fine bulks to make paper. there are more than 70 processes involved and the result is a kind thin but strong paper used for ink painting and calligraphy.

At the end of the show, the man was asked if he is angry about the fact that no young people want to stay in the village to learn and inherit this ancient craft. he answered: “Not at all, It is hard to live on this, they have their choices, I, however, will carry on.”

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My Chinese Paper Craft: New Year Animals

These are a few examples of some of my experiments with Chinese craft. Hope you enjoy.

Handmade Diary (2)

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Rainy Days

Oiled-paper umbrella and coir raincoat in Sichuan, China




In China, paper is used everyday and everywhere, that includes umbrella making.

A good oiled-paper umbrella needs 74 processes to complete and required 6 – 10 craftsmen more than 1 week of hard work. although this is basically paper coated with tree oil glued on a bamboo-made framework, the umbrellas can withstand strong gale and heavy rain. they are able to last more than 10 years if taken good care of.

The umbrellas produced in Fenshui, China since 1400 years ago were sent to the royal court as gift to the Chinese emperor. Nowadays, this once prosperous hand-made industry is transferring into an add-in to local tourism, produce souvenirs for travelers, as something to remember the lifestyle a long time ago.