Handmade Diary (1)

Hello! This is Danielle, who will have the honor to meet you all very soon. Have travelled around China and taken a glimpse of the profound handmade culture, I wish to share some of the experiences with you in this blog. Hope it is fun!

Rongchang, Sichuan Province. China. April, 2011

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In some rural areas of western China, hand-made everyday objects like coir raincoat, bamboo basket and Kaoliang broom are still popular in people’s life, and sold regularly in weekend markets. They were made using techniques developed thousands of years ago and with materials that are sustainable and organic. These things might look simple and rough, but they do last, they get fixed instead of thrown away when damaged and endure the wash of time for generations. With cheap, colorful plastic alternatives rushing into the market taking share, the future of this handmade tradition is unknown.