Tourism in China

China attracts millions of visitors every year. It is the third most visited country in the world.  However it wasn’t always like this; China did not allow foreigners in unless on special circumstances before the 1970s. China then realised the potential of earning a lot of money through tourism and began promoting it rapidly.  There was a great increase in hotels and guesthouse construction. Historic sites were getting renovated and members of the public were trained to become professional guides. In my opinion this was a great change as it allowed people to come and explore the countries vast landscapes and culture.

So what is there to do in china? China has a lot of different things for tourists to do; from walking across the Great Wall of China to roaming the busy streets of Hong Kong, visit Tiananmen Square or seeing some giant pandas. China has a lot to offer tourists; there are literally hundreds of interesting historic sites and landmarks to explore.

It is also a good place to visit if you are looking for a slightly different cuisine experience. They eat a wide range of different foods, ranging from insects to chicken feet. Not the best option though for people with a weak stomach. I wouldn’t mind trying a scorpion myself though!

China really has a lot of attractive aspects, which is why it is such a popular tourist destination.

How does China want the rest of the world to see it? When I think of China, I think of panda bear, the Great Wall of China and kung fu.  I’m pretty sure I am not the only person that associates these things with China.  Is this because of the way China has presented itself to the rest of the world? Here is an example of a tourism video made to promote Chinas tourism industry.

The video mainly shows the oriental Chinese culture, with scenes of beautiful landscapes, historic buildings and people with traditional clothing. The video also has their traditional music playing through out it. It then goes on to show a more modern China; showing its big cities with their impressive skyscrapers, fancy hotels and bustling streets. It gives the impression that it’s a safe environment with everyone smiling. It all looks very appealing and would have anyone thinking ‘I want to visit there!’

How true is this video in showing us what china is actually like? Well obviously China are not going to sell themselves short in a tourism promotion video and show us some bad parts of the country but the Chinese don’t all wear the traditional clothing, listen to traditional Chinese music or live in historic buildings. The government has actually being destroying the Chinese traditional homes to make way for more modern buildings. Which is quite strange because they make themselves come across as being quite traditional.

China is becoming more and more westernised and the majority of its people now live in cities moving away from their heritage.  Despite this they still choose to promote their oriental culture to tourist. This is obviously because it is what mainly attracts tourists to the country.